Trends: Celebrities Pregnant with Twins

Steven Yeun Instagram post (Steven Yeun)

Steven Yeun Instagram post (Steven Yeun)

Single births are so 2016. This year, it’s all about the multiples. (Births, duh.)

Seriously, this year has started off with a bang regarding celebrity birth announcements. First up, superstar/icon/QUEEN Beyonce announced that she’s pregnant with twins in an Instagram post that dropped February 1st. Naturally, the world went crazy (and that Instagram post is now the most-liked post ever). Beyonce also released photos from her pregnancy photoshoot, and later performed at the Grammys in a tribute to motherhood. As you do.

Not even two weeks later, it was confirmed that Amal Clooney (you know, George’s wife) is expecting twins. And the twins will be a boy and a girl.

There’s another couple that might be expecting twins. It’s confirmed that “The Walking Dead” actor Steven Yeun and his wife Joana Pak are expecting a child. One of Yeun’s recent Instagram posts was a series of photos of he and his pregnant wife, of which one photo features him holding up two fingers. The photo’s caption is two bee emoji.

So either they’ll also be welcoming twins this year, or Yeun is part of the Beyhive. I don’t know. We’ll find out.

It’s crazy that all these celebrities are having twins right now. No idea if any of them are through IVF and don’t want to speculate, but it’s interesting how all the pregnancies are syncing up.


User Engagement for Beyonce’s Pregnancy Announcement: By The Numbers

Beyonce's Instagram pregnancy announcement, 2017 (Time)

Beyonce’s Instagram pregnancy announcement, 2017 (Time)

OK, we all know that Beyonce is PREGNANT with TWINS, right? (And if that’s the first time you’re hearing this, OMG!!) The music icon announced her pregnancy on February 1st via an Instagram post on her personal account. (Later, she released an entire pregnancy photoshoot that was shot by Awol Erizku.)

As much fuss was made about Kim Kardashian breaking the Internet in 2014, Beyonce actually *did* the damn thing. Beyonce now has the most-liked photo on Instagram.

Here are some numbers to put this fact in context:

Likes on Beyonce’s 2017 Pregnancy Instagram Announcement (#): 10,468,451 

Beyonce’s Instagram Followers (#): 94.8M

Pregnancy Announcement User Engagement (# of likes/# of followers): 11.04%

Number of Likes the Pregnancy Announcement Received within 30 minutes of posting: 1.2M+

Number of Likes the Pregnancy Announcement Received within 1 hour of posting: 2.4M+

Amount of time it took for the pregnancy announcement to become Instagram’s most-liked photo: Less than 8 hours

Number of Likes the Pregnancy Announcement got to become Instagram’s most-liked photo: 6.33M

Second most-liked Instagram photo of all time: Selena Gomez sipping a Coke

Number of Likes for second-most-liked Instagram photo of all time: 6.4M



#ThrowbackThursday: Beyonce’s Pregnancy Announcement, 2011

Beyonce at the VMAs, 2011 (The Daily Mail)

Beyonce at the VMAs, 2011 (The Daily Mail)

By now, everyone in the entire world knows that Beyonce is pregnant with twins. (And if this is new to you, who are you? Do you even exist? I have so many questions.) The superstar revealed her pregnancy in an Instagram post to her personal account, followed by more shots of her pregnancy photoshoot to her website.

Remember, this is the second time Beyonce has unleashed a pregnancy announcement on the unsuspecting world. Way back in 2011, she announced her pregnancy at the MTV Video Music Awards (a.k.a. the VMAs). Technically, she announced it twice: once on the red carpet, cradling her bump while clad in a flowing orange gown, and then during her performance onstage. During the latter, Beyonce rubbed her bump and said to the crowd, “I want you to feel the love that’s growing inside of me.”

Of course, we now know that daughter would be Blue Ivy, age five.

#ThrowbackThursday: Kim Kardashian West’s Kimoji Launch, 2015

Kim Kardashian West's Kimoji, 2015 (Kim Kardashian West)

Kim Kardashian West’s Kimoji, 2015 (Kim Kardashian West)

Kim Kardashian West’s set of custom emoji, dubbed “Kimoji,” launched on December 21, 2015. Nearly a year later, they continue to be a hit, and paved the way for other celebrities to launch their own custom emoji lines.

Kardashian West’s Kimoji references notable things about her which both hardcore and casual fans would recognize: her waist trainer corset, posing in her white swimsuit, and her notorious crying face.

First Person Convicted Under California’s Revenge Porn Law

Facebook (Huffington Post)

Facebook (Huffington Post)

Last week, Los Angeles man Noe Iniguez became the first person to be convicted under California’s Revenge Porn law. The law, enacted in October 2013, forbids “unauthorized posting of nude or sexual images of an individual with the purpose of causing emotional distress.”

In December 2013, Iniguez posted degrading comments and a topless photo of his ex-girlfriend on her company’s Facebook page in a bid to get her fired. He will serve one year in jail and three years’ probation.

As of now, California is one of 13 states that have enacted laws against revenge porn since 2013. (No word on if any of the other states have convicted anyone yet.) Let’s hope other states will follow suit.

Kim Kardashian “Paper Magazine:” Instagram Likes Analysis

Kim Kardashian, 'Paper' Magazine 2014

Kim Kardashian, ‘Paper’ Magazine 2014

Happy Friday! When “Paper” magazine released its cover photos featuring Kim Kardashian, its stated goal was to “break the Internet” (well, mission accomplished). Naturally, both the magazine and Kardashian posted some of the shots on their respective Instagram accounts.

Since Instagram is the best app for sharing slice-of-life shots, this makes perfect sense. But they each seemed to take different approaches in doing so.

“Paper” Magazine:

The magazine, clearly excited about its work, shared all four of its photos. They also shared the photos in ascending order of nudity: First came Kardashian in her evening gown with the champagne glass balanced on her ass, next came Kardashian mooning the camera. The third photo showed her showing off her butt and boobs in profile, and the last one was her full-frontal. Both the third and fourth shots had back text bars obscuring her nipples and crotch where needed.

As of 10:30 p.m. Wednesday night, the magazine had 137K followers.

The number of likes per Kardashian photo are as follows:

Photo #1 (champagne glass): 9K+

This photo received likes from 6.57% of “Paper”‘s followers.

Photo #2 (full moon bare butt): 5K+

This photo received likes from 3.64% of “Paper”‘s followers.

Photo #3 (boobs and butt in profile): 2K+

This photo received likes from 1.46% of “Paper”‘s followers.

Photo #4 (full frontal): 3K+

This photo received likes from 2.19% of “Paper”‘s followers.

The Kardashian photos were the last photos posted.


Kim Kardashian:

By contrast to “Paper,” Kardashian only shared two photos: the champagne glass and the full moon, in ascending order of nudity.

As of 10:30 p.m. Wednesday night, Kardashian had 21M followers.

Photo #1 (champagne glass): 486K+

This photo received likes from 2.31% of Kardashian’s followers.

Photo #2 (full moon bare butt): 751K+

This photo received likes from 3.58% of Kardashian’s followers.

What’s interesting is that Kardashian posted four photos, all with husband Kanye West, afterwards. It appears that she sees the cover more matter-of-factly as part of her life, as contrasted with “Paper” for which this was a special event. The numbers bear that out.