Single Parents’ Sex Lives

Parent and child

Parent and child

A recent study jointly done by the University of Nevada and The Kinsey Institute examines the sex lives of single parents.

According to “The Huffington Post,” the study, which used data from the 2012 Singles in America findings, looked at 5K+ single Americans age 21 and over. Single parents comprised almost 39% of the sample size.

Participants were asked questions regarding the frequency of sexual thoughts and actually getting it on, as well as the number of people they’d dated and how many children they had. The timeframe appears to be limited to one year.

Researchers said that the single parents reported having the same amount of sex as singles without children. Also, single parents with children under age five had more sex than those with older children. These findings were published in the Journal of  Sex Research.

However, the study doesn’t tell us what baseline was used for “normal” frequency of sexual intercourse and sexual thoughts. So we can’t really extrapolate much here.