How Many People Share Sexts?

Texting (Salon)

Texting (Salon)

You know you’ve thought about it. You get a sext from someone, and you want to get feedback from your friends, either on how hot this person is, or how to respond (or both). But do you take the plunge and share it?

Almost 1 in 4 people would choose to share it. A recent Indiana University (home of the famed Kinsey Institute) study, published in the online journal “Sexual Health,” surveyed 5K+ single people ages 21-75. For the purposes of this study, “sexting was defined as the transmission of sexual images and messages via cell phone or other electronic device.”

Of the respondents, despite 73% uncomfortable over sexts shared non-consensually, 23% reported that they shared said sexts. Clearly, there’s a breakdown of the sexting social contract: You may expect that the other person would not choose to share your sext, but that person might not be on the same wavelength. Good to keep in mind when sexting, everyone.

The study also highlighted a few other things that may be seen as common knowledge. Women are more likely to be upset if their sext gets shared than men are. Men are nearly 2X more likely to share sexts than women. Also, age correlated with perceived risk with regards to sexting. (Interestingly, the study doesn’t mention what age this thought process begins to take place.) Concerns over if and/or how sexting affected this group by 60-74%.