Pornhub Data of 2015: By The Numbers

Pornhub Insights 2015 Year in Review (Pornhub Insights)

Pornhub Insights 2015 Year in Review (Pornhub Insights)

I always love it when certain tech companies release their user data for the general public’s education/amusement. Last week, we learned about OkCupid stats. This week, it’s Pornhub.

Pornhub is pretty good about releasing user insights (see their recent post on activity during winter storm Jonas), and their year-end data, released last month, is no exception. The following numbers are just what I found most interesting, and you can read the full report on Pornhub’s Insights blog (NSFW, BTW).

Amount of bandwidth used: 1,892 petabytes (PBs)

  • Context: 1 PB = 1,000 terabytes (TB) = 1,000,000 gigabytes (GB), i.e. that’s a hell of a lot of data

Average visit duration (U.S. only): 9 minutes, 51 seconds

Pornhub 2015 Year in Review: Hourly Traffic Worldwide (Pornhub Insights)

Pornhub 2015 Year in Review: Hourly Traffic Worldwide (Pornhub Insights)

Most popular search term worldwide: lesbian

Top pornstar: Kim Kardashian

Top term searched more in 2015 than in 2014: giantess (+1,091%)

Pornhub 2015 Year in Review: Women - Worldwide Traffic (Pornhub Insights)

Pornhub 2015 Year in Review: Women – Worldwide Traffic (Pornhub Insights)

Country with highest proportion of female users: Jamaica (44%)

Country with highest proportion of female users: Japan (17%)

Average age of Pornhub users: 35.3 years

Pornhub 2015 Year in Review: Traffic by Device Worldwide (Pornhub Insights)

Pornhub 2015 Year in Review: Traffic by Device Worldwide (Pornhub Insights)

Most popular mobile operating system (OS): Android (49.7%)

Most popular desktop browser: Chrome (48.9%)


This is all so fascinating to me, and I hope you feel the same!


Ashley Madison Hacked: Is Your Data Safe?

Ashley Madison homepage (Ashley Madison)

Ashley Madison homepage (Ashley Madison)

Earlier this month, online dating/cheating site Ashley Madison had its data breached by a group called The Impact Team. The group is lobbying for completely shutting down the site, and has been threatening to release users’ sensitive information if their demands aren’t met. Their demands are aimed at Avid Life Media (ALM), Ashley Madison’s parent company head-quartered in Toronto.

The hackers have leaked personal information from only two people so far. Considering that the site has around 37M-40M registered users, this is miniscule. The group is specifically targeting Ashley Madison’s “full delete” feature, where a user must pay to get his information scrubbed from the site. According to The Impact Team, the feature “netted ALM $1.7M in revenue in 2014.”

This is significant because it’s the second online dating site that’s encountered a massive data breach within a few months: Adult Friend Finder went through a similar situation back in May. But this case is unique in that it’s the only one that’s fallen prey to what ‘Time” calls “data kidnapping:” the hackers won’t leak the data unless they get what they want.

Ashley Madison is ranked #18 in adult sites, and received 124K+ visits on desktop since January 2015.

Smart Vibrators Will Data-Mine Your Pleasure

SmartBod vibrator prototype evolution (

SmartBod vibrator prototype evolution (

Happy Friday! We’ve talked about smart sex toys before, and also how Big Data is taking over sex. We’re ushering in a new era of sexual data and metrics, on a more minute level than ever before.

Enter the SmartBod, a vibrator that tracks its users’ data and aggregates it via a related app. While tracking arousal (and climax) patterns, the user will then be able to establish a baseline of usual trends. The app will also suggest ideas mined from the collected data. Call it sex-alytics, if you will.

UC Berkeley entrepreneurs Liz Klinger and James Wang aim to help women spark conversations regarding pleasure, since it can be an uncomfortable topic for most people. The user “would learn how their orgasm changes depending on how and when they use the vibrator.” It can also help women determine if they’re “normal” or not, in terms of their orgasms and arousal. So you can compete with others, or with yourself or both.

This counts as the second “smart” vibrator I’m aware of, next to the upcoming Una. As a both a sex geek and a data nerd, I can’t wait to use these and report my results. All in the name of science, of course!



Lingerie Company Using A/B Testing to Maximize Revenue

Adore Me model (Image via Adore Me/Facebook)

Adore Me model (Image via Adore Me/Facebook)

This is pretty awesome: Lingerie company Adore Me A/B-tests photos of their models wearing their products to ensure maximum audience engagement that translates into maximum revenue.

For those not in the know, A/B testing is an experiment with two variants, noted as A and B. (Typically, A is the control and B is the variable.) Users are split into randomized groups, so that one will see version  A and the other will see version B. (Who sees what version can sometimes change day-to-day due to the randomization.) Those who run the A/B testing are then able to see how users react to each option, and which one would be more impact for consumers over time.

(Companies can use A/B testing for basically any variable they have. For example, I used an A/B test in my last job to determine how email newsletter headlines affected click-thru rates. Control version A was the normal staid headline, while version B was more creative.)

In this “Fast Company” article that details Adore Me’s A/B testing process, writer Rebecca Greenfield details what variables the company tends to change:

“The distinctions between the pictures might include different models wearing the same set in the exact same position, or the same model in the same set in a different position, for example.”

If anything, this news reveals that analytics tools and approaches have crossed over into non-tech fields, and may soon take over more traditional processes of gathering consumer data.

It’ll also be interesting to see how sexuality stats cross over into Big Data. I feel we’re on the cusp of it right now.