#ThrowbackThursday: “Bridesmaids,” 2011

"Bridesmaids," 2011 (Scoopify)

“Bridesmaids,” 2011 (Scoopify)

If you didn’t see “Bridesmaids”¬†when it came out five years ago, you clearly hate women in comedy. As you might guess from the movie title, the story revolved around a group of bridesmaids, led by Kristen Wiig, and their antics leading up to their friend’s wedding day.

Before “Bridesmaids” premiered in May 2011, the movie had gotten a lot of press for being an all-female comedy. Lots of questions prevailed: Were women actually funny? Would women see it? More importantly (ha, in the eyes of Hollywood), would men see it?

The answer to these questions was a resounding “yes!” The movie did well at the box office, ranking #14 at the domestic box office with $169M+ in revenue and #20 worldwide with $289M+ in revenue. It also opened the door a little wider to allow more female-driven ¬†movies and women in gross-out comedy (remember the bridal atelier scene?).