Child Sexual Abuse: By The Numbers

Sad Child

Sad Child

Not all sexual stats are fun. Sometimes, we have to get heavy here. Child sexual abuse is never a easy topic for anyone, but it’s useful to know the facts to stop and prevent it.

All numbers from the National Sex Offender Public Website stats page:

Ratio of girls sexually abused before age 18: 1 in 4

Ratio of boys sexually abused before age 18: 1 in 6

Victims ages 12-14: 26%

Victims ages 9 and younger: 34%

Percentage of female juvenile victims: 82%

Percentage of sexual assaults that occur between the ages of 12-17: 35.8%

Approximate number of U.S. adolescent victims: 1.8M


If you’re a victim of sexual abuse, you can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at (800) 656-HOPE. Your call is anonymous, confidential and free of charge. For more details on how to help a victim, visit Help and Support for Victims.