#ThrowbackThursday: Don Draper and Bobbie Barrett’s BDSM Session, “Mad Men” 2008

'Mad Men' season 2 still (Live Auction Group)

‘Mad Men’ season 2 still (Live Auction Group)

This week, we’re examining sexuality data from the 1960s, in celebration of the upcoming final half-season of “Mad Men” beginning Apr. 5th.

Remember this scene? In season 2, Don (Jon Hamm) began sleeping with Bobbie Barrett (Melinda McGraw), the wife of a performer that Sterling Cooper hired for an Utz Potato Chips commercial. In the episode “Maidenform,” we learn she has a penchant for being tied up during sex. But she doesn’t get satisfied, as she tells Don she’s been discussing his sexual prowess. He abruptly leaves, and that’s the end of their affair.

It’s actually the first of two BDSM-tinged scenes the show has depicted. The second one occurred in the sixth season during one of Don’s sessions with Sylvia Rosen (Linda Cardellini). Each scene effectively ended its respective affair. While two instances aren’t enough data from which to extrapolate a pattern, it’s certainly worth noting.