Auction Prices of “Playboy”‘s First Issue: By The Numbers

Marilyn Monroe cover for 'Playboy,' Dec. 1953 (NY Daily News)

Marilyn Monroe cover for ‘Playboy,’ Dec. 1953 (NY Daily News)

As I noted earlier today, a first issue of “Playboy” is scheduled to be auctioned off later at Nate D. Sanders in Los Angeles. (For all I know, it could’ve already happened.) The issue is expected to be sold for about $2.7K.

I wanted to see if this estimate was in line with how much previous first issues of the periodical sold for.

A 2011 “Icons and Idols Hollywood” auction held by Julien’s Auctions opened bidding for the “Playboy” first issue at $1K-1.5K. The winning bid was $7K+. I also checked eBay, but all the first issues listed were for reprints, not originals, so I didn’t count those.

If this auction proceeds (or proceeded) anything like Julien’s did four years ago, the issue could very well sell for a lot higher.


#ThrowbackThursday: “Playboy,” 1953

Marilyn Monroe cover for 'Playboy,' Dec. 1953 (NY Daily News)

Marilyn Monroe cover for ‘Playboy,’ Dec. 1953 (NY Daily News)

“Playboy” creator Hugh Hefner put out the first issue of his influential magazine in December 1953. It featured actress Marilyn Monroe on the cover and centerfold. Hef knew exactly what his mag (originally titled “Stag Party”) was all about: The introduction to Volume 1, Number 1 clearly states that the periodical isn’t a “family magazine.”

Today, this legendary first issue that spawned an empire is up for auction. Put up by Nate D. Sanders in Los Angeles, it’s expected to go for $2.7K. This first issue is very rare, as only around 54K copies were printed since Hefner wasn’t sure if it would be successful. Luckily for him, it took off immediately, and American culture was never the same.


#ThrowbackThursday: ‘”Playboy” Halloween Party

'Playboy' Halloween Party

‘Playboy’ Halloween Party

Does it surprise anyone that Hugh Hefner throws an annual Halloween bash? Because it shouldn’t. (Full disclosure and no joke, the man is one of my personal heroes.)

I love that this picture shows the old “Girls Next Door” crowd: Kendra Wilkinson, Bridget Marquardt, and Holly Madison. Those were some great seasons.