#ThrowbackThursday: “Don’t Look Now,” 1973

'Don't Look Now' sex scene, 1973 (Film Strategy)

‘Don’t Look Now’ sex scene, 1973 (Film Strategy)

Last week, “The Hollywood Reporter” reported that StudioCanal is remaking “Don’t Look Now,” the 1973 occult thriller starring Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie. The movie follows a married couple (Sutherland and Christie) as they travel to Venice and meet with clairvoyants to try and connect with their recently deceased daughter.

The film immediately┬ábecame notorious for an explicit sex scene between Sutherland and Christie. Debates exists today as to whether the actors actually had sex during the scene. But it did blaze the way for female pleasure: It’s one of the first depictions of cunnilingus on film.

“Don’t Look Now” received an R rating in the U.S. and an X rating in Britain.