U.S. Sex Education Academies: By The Numbers

Los Angeles Academy of Sex Education Logo (Brown Paper Tickets)

Los Angeles Academy of Sex Education Logo (Brown Paper Tickets)

Love to learn about sex, in any capacity? A few lucky cities around the U.S. have sex education academies. Adults can attend classes to learn about different aspects of sexuality, which are welcome to all orientations.

Tickets are $25, and are available to purchase in the weeks leading to each class. It’s highly recommended you purchase them ahead of time. Classes run around 90 minutes.

The Los Angeles Academy of Sex Education begins this year’s slate of classes next Monday on Feb. 2nd (full disclosure: I volunteer there), and I wanted to look at some other sex education academies around the country.

Los Angeles Academy of Sex Education:

Founded: 2014

Director: Elle Chase (Education Coordinator & Lead Sex Educator)

First Class of 2015: “The Art of Finding Partners: Dating Doesn’t Have to Be Terrible” with Patricia Elzie, Feb. 2nd.

Previous Classes: “Boning 101” with Sex Nerd Sandra, “Prostate Pleasure” with Charlie Glickman, “Welcome to S&M: A Gentle Introduction” with Jean Franzblau


New York Academy of Sex Education:

Founded: 2013

Director: Ducky DooLittle (Education Coordinator & Lead Sex Educator)

First Class of 2015: N/A

Previous Classes: “Writing Erotica for Pleasure & Money” with Rachel Kramer Bussel, “Ready, Sexy, Able: A Sex & Disability Q&A” with Robin Mandell, “Female Orgasms: Physiology, Arousal & Techniques that Deliver” with Kate McCombs and Louise Bourchier


Portland Academy of Sex Education:

Founded: 2014

Director: JoEllen Notte (Education Coordinator & Lead Sex Educator)

First Class of 2015: N/A

Previous Classes: “Introduction to Rope Bondage” with Stella Harris, “Embodied Consent” with Charlie Glickman, “Sh*t Happens: A Frank Discussion on Butt Fun” with Lorax of Sex


Philadelphia Academy of Sex Education:

Founded: 2014

Director: Caitlin Murphy (Education Coordinator & Lead Sex Educator)

First Class of 2015: “Detox: Avoiding Toxicity in Sexual Pleasure and Health Products” with Caitlin M.

Previous Classes: N/A


Ivy League Sex Weeks: By The Numbers

Ivy League university crests

Ivy League university crests

“Russia Today” recently reported that Ivy League university Harvard would offer a class on anal sex during their upcoming annual Sex Week. This isn’t the first time the class has been offered; that back in Fall 2012. Harvard’s Sex Week focuses on providing comprehensive sex education to students with a sex-positive outlook and shedding light on aspects that might not be ordinarily covered.

Yale holds the most famous Sex Week, which began in 2002 and was coordinated at the time by students Eric Rubenstein and Jacqueline Farber. But the program has now spread to other schools.

As the program takes root at other schools, let’s take a look at other Ivy League Sex Weeks:

Brown University: 

Site: Sextion: ***Sex Week 2014 (related article)

Started: N/A

Coordinated by: Sexual Health Education and Empowerment Council (SHEEC)

Most Recent Sex Week: Mar. 31-Apr. 6, 2014

Notable Classes: “Dirty Talk,” “The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure” (2013)

Notable Guests: sex educator Charlie Glickman, activist Katee Stewart (2013)

Awards: N/A


Columbia University:


Columbia doesn’t have a Sex Week.


Cornell University:

Site: Cornell Sex Week Facebook page

Started: 2014

Coordinated by: Sex Week committee

Most Recent Sex Week: Mar. 7-19, 2014

Frequency: N/A

Notable Classes: “Combating Stigma: A Panel Discussion on HIV/AIDS,” “Introduction to Kink (with Pictures)” (2014)

Notable Guests: feminist sex writer Susie Bright, activist Urvashi Vaid (2014)

Awards: N/A


Dartmouth College:


Dartmouth doesn’t have a Sex Week.


Harvard University: 

Site: Sex Week at Harvard

Started: 2010

Coordinated by: Sexual Health Education & Advocacy throughout Harvard College (SHEATH)

Most Recent Sex Week: Nov. 2-8, 2014

Frequency: Held twice every school year, once during each fall and spring semester

Notable Classes: “Love, Sex and Faith,” “Sexing the Body in Art and Media,” “#FutureSex: How technology will change your sex life” (Fall 2013)

Notable Guests: filmmaker Therese Schechter (Spring 2013), sexologist Jill McDeavitt (Fall 2012)

Awards: N/A


Princeton University:


Awards: Despite the fact that the school doesn’t have its own Sex Week, Princeton took top honors in Trojan’s Sexual Health Report Card in 2013.


University of Pennsylvania:

Site: Upenn Sex Week | All about sex

Started: 2013

Coordinated by: N/A

Most Recent Sex Week: Apr. 2-6, 2013

Frequency: N/A

Notable Classes: Erotica writing, “Asexuality 101” (Spring 2013)

Notable Guests: Cindy Gallop, “Make Love Not Porn” (Spring 2013)

Awards: N/A


Yale University:

Site: N/A

Started: 2002

Coordinated by: Sex Week committee

Most Recent Sex Week: 2014

Frequency: Held every other year in February on the week running up to Valentine’s Day

Notable Classes: “Fornication 101 with Oh Megan!,” “BDSM and Alternative Sexualities”

Notable Guests: porn director Steven Hirsch, porn star Sasha Grey

Awards: 2004 Collegiate Network Campus Outrage Award, First Place; 2006 Trojan Sexual Health Report Card, First Place and only school with a perfect score

#ThrowbackThursday: Brown University’s Sex Week 2014

Brown Sex Week 2014 Poster

Brown Sex Week 2014 Poster

WOW! I was researching for this afternoon’s blog post (it’s live in a few hours!), and stumbled on this fantastic art for Brown University’s Sex Week 2014.

Or should I say, ***Sex Week 2014. Est-ce tu aimes le sexe?

Beyoncé + sex education = Win. Every time.

Carry on.