How Many Media Company Employees Had Ashley Madison Accounts?

Ashley Madison homepage (Ashley Madison)

Ashley Madison homepage (Ashley Madison)

Happy Friday! Ashley Madison: It’s the hack that keeps on giving. Every day brings a new joy. And here’s this one: The good people at “Gawker” (who’ve been doing a great job covering this whole thing) took a deep-dive into the data, all 9.7 GBs of it. Why? Well, to see how was dumb enough to use a work email as their AM registration email. (Personally, I’m surprised that nobody got called on the carpet after their network got wind of that verification email in their inbox.)

Now, you’d think that most people would know to use a throwaway email for this kind of thing, right? You’d think that, and you’d be wrong. At the time of the data dump, “Wired” reported that 15K+ domains belonging to the government and military were found, comprising .04% of the total emails found.

Here’s what Sam Biddle at “Gawker” found. (Incidentally, no emails registered to the Gawker domain were found).

'Gawker' Ashley Madison Email Data Analysis (Gawker)

‘Gawker’ Ashley Madison Email Data Analysis (Gawker)

So yeah, have some common sense as to when to use your work email. Have a great holiday weekend!


How Many Active Female Users did Ashley Madison Have?

Ashley Madison homepage (Ashley Madison)

Ashley Madison homepage (Ashley Madison)

I’m loving this Ashley Madison hack for the sheer volume of data it’s bringing to light! It makes a numbers nerd like me very happy.

This may not come as a shock (well, hopefully it doesn’t), but Ashley Madison didn’t have a whole lot of active female users. The site claimed to have around 31M+ male users and 5M+ female users. So already, the women on the site are outnumbered by the men at a 6:1 ratio. This wouldn’t be a promising sign for any man who was a registered user. (Side note: Do you think any of the men knew to what degree they were competing with the other men? I’m really curious about this.)

But wait, there’s more: Annalee Newitz at “Gizmodo” crunched some numbers on on-site interaction between members (and made some fun bar graphs), and the results trumpeted the sex ratios loud and clear. Some examples: For every woman that checked her messages, 20 men did. For every two women that used the online chat system, 11 men did.

With those numbers in mind, how many of these men interacted with a bot? My guess is quite a few.

What were PornHub’s Top Search Terms of 2014?

PornHub Top Gaining U.S. Search Terms in 2014 (Mic)

PornHub Top Gaining U.S. Search Terms in 2014 (Mic)

Happy Friday! Ever wonder which keywords are commonly searched on porn sites (and maybe how your personal preferences stack up)? You know you were, so read on!

PornHub recently released data compiled from users for all of 2014. Further proving that 2014 was The Year of The Booty, search term “big booty” showed an increase of 486% year-over-year (YoY). (Unfortunately, PornHub didn’t release any actual numbers so we could gauge the, uh, size of their traffic.)

Appetites for larger sizes peppered the list: In addition to “big booty,” “big tits” landed in second position with a 410% increase (YoY). “BBW” sits in fifth place with a 235% increase YoY.

Users also searched for porn relating to lesbian sex and people of color. “Lesbians scissoring” had a 245% increase YoY, and “lesbian” closed out the list at #10 with 81% increase YoY. Regarding ethnicity, “latina” placed third with 314% increase YoY. Black women were represented with the aforementioned “bbw” and also with “ebony,” which had a 207% increase YoY.