Sexual Health Expo 2015: By The Numbers

SHE 2015 (Gold Star)

SHE 2015 (Gold Star)

The Sexual Health Expo is being held again, this time in Phoenix! It looks to be a great time, just like the one held in L.A. in January. Still wavering on whether or not to go? Here are some numbers that’ll convince you to take the leap:

Number of Days: Apr. 25-26 (Saturday and Sunday)

Number of Workshops: 27

– Selected Workshops: Talk Dirty to Me (with Ashley Manta), Cuddle Party (with Leela Sullivan), Sex and Your Emotional Health (with Laurie Handlers)

Number of Instructors: 24

– Selected Instructors: Rebecca Alvarez, Dr. Jess, Lynn Brown Rosenberg

If you’re going, enjoy! (I’m jealous!)

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