Welcome to Sex & The ’60s Week!

'Mad Men' Season 1 still (Hollywire)

‘Mad Men’ Season 1 still (Hollywire)

Welcome to Sex & The ’60s Week here on Sex & Stats! In celebration of the last half of the final season of “Mad Men” starting Sunday (Apr. 5th!), we’re examining data on various aspects of sexuality during the decade, and some stats on the show itself.

As everyone knows, the 1960s was a very pivotal decade for sexuality, starting out all traditional, sweet and never-been-kissed innocent and ending up all about that free love. Ways of expressing love and desire through sex got completely up-ended and changed, paving the way for what we know today. “Mad Men” has noted these changes throughout its 7.5-season run, and we’ll be commenting on them throughout the week. Enjoy!


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