French Naturist Pioneer Christiane Lecocq Has Died

Christiane Lecocq (Noticia Al Dia)

Christiane Lecocq (Noticia Al Dia)

Renowned French naturist Christiane Lecocq passed away this past Christmas Eve at age 103.

Lecocq became a naturist when she was 22 in 1933, when she joined a sports club in Lille and discovered that it was a nude sports club. She then became dedicated to the movement’s health and social benefits.

Lecocq is credited as being a leader in the naturist movement. She and her husband founded the first naturist vacation spot in France, and the first naturist magazine “Life in the Sun.”

In 1950, Lecocq and her husband Albert founded the French Naturist Federation (FFN). Three years later, they founded the International Naturist Federation, of which 38 countries are members.

One stat suggests that there are 14M+ naturists worldwide. FFN president Armand Jamier claims that France is a top destination for naturists, with 3.5M participants, 1.5M of whom are French.


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