#ThrowbackThursday: Sheik Condoms by Rudolph Valentino

Sheik Condoms (Bag The Web)

Sheik Condoms (Bag The Web)

I found this image of an interesting condom tin, and decided to do some sleuthing to find out more. Sheik condoms were part of the Durex brand, and were popular for decades before being phased out.

Some interesting history: Silver screen idol Rudolph Valentino appears on this condom tin. He played a sheik in 1921’s silent movie “The Sheik,” and it became one of his most well-known roles. When his picture appeared on Sheik condoms, prophylactic sales then skyrocketed as average men wanted to get what he had for themselves.

I’m trying to imagine any actors who’d be up for lending their faces to sell condoms, but sadly I think those days are past.

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