Women’s Opposite-Sex Friends Leads to More Sex in Relationships

Woman and Men At Work (via Black Enterprise)

Woman and Men At Work (via Black Enterprise)

Happy Friday! A recent study from the Journal of Comparative Psychology revealed something interesting: Attractive, heterosexual women who report more male friends also report more sex within their relationships.

The study surveyed 393 men in committed sexual relationships who described their partners as attractive. The more male friends their female partner had, the more sex they had in their own relationship. The men clearly were subconsciously reacting to competing with other (platonic) males.

As the abstract notes:

“This research is the first to empirically investigate the number of potential male rivals in the local environment as a cue to sperm competition risk in humans.”

Too bad the self-reporting didn’t extend to finding out who generally tended to initiate sex within the relationship.

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