Campari Calendar Cover Girls (And Man): By The Numbers

Eva Green, Campari Calendar 2015

Eva Green, Campari Calendar 2015

We’re finally getting to see some images from the 2015 Campari calendar, starring French actress Eva Green.

Dressed in the brand’s signature red, Green is just the latest in the long line of gorgeous and talented women to model for the aperitif company. Each year, Campari choses one iconic woman (or the occasional man) to grace its calendar, which they then send out to “friends of Campari around the world.” This year is particularly special as the brand is celebrating its 150-year anniversary.

Let’s take a look at Campari calendar trends over the last 15 years, gleaned from the calendar’s history:

Year of first Campari Calendar: 2000

Number of calendars produced each year: 9,999

Total number of photographers used: 13

Number of repeat photographers: 3 (Adrian Hamilton in 2000 and 2002; Giovanni Gastel in 2005-2006; Mario Testino in 2007 and 2009)

Total number of cover girls: 15

Total number of cover men: 1 (Benicio del Toro in 2011)

Number of years no cover model was used: 1 ( in 2000)

Number of years with more than one cover girl: 1 (Brazilian model Magda Gomes and Marika Svensson in 2002)

Number of repeat cover girls: 1 (Magda Gomes in 2002-2003)

Year Campari began using Hollywood actresses: 2007 with Salma Hayek

Number of former Bond Girls used: 2 (Olga Kurylenko in 2010 and Eva Green in 2015, both from the Daniel Craig era)


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