Sleeping Naked: The Numbers

Couple Sleeping (sadly, not naked)

Couple Sleeping (sadly, not naked)

Lately, there’s been some talk about the health benefits of sleeping naked, especially for women: body confidence, airing out your downstairs, etc. A recent study found that only 8% of Americans sleep naked, while over 74% keep clothed.

Seems pretty low, doesn’t it? Almost too low.

Alfred Kinsey covered this topic within his own studies. He found that over 41% of men reported sleeping naked (within a sample size of 5.3K) and half of married women (out of a sample size of 5.49K). (From what I could see, there wasn’t any differentiation between single and married men.)

Kinsey’s number seems a bit more reasonable. I find it hard to believe that sleeping-nude stats have actually declined within the last few decades. My reasoning is that since it’s a topic out in the open now, there’d be more people open to doing so and admitting to it.


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