Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photo Hack: Is Our Cloud Data Safe?

Jennifer Lawrence Oscars 2013

JLaw is not amused.

Earlier this week, Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence’s private photos were hacked off her iCloud. She wasn’t the only one: Rihanna and Kate Upton were hit as well.

This high-security breach naturally leads us lesser mortals to worry about our own data within the Cloud.

But should we?

Apple feels it wasn’t a security breach, but a specific targeted act. This seems to check out, as we’re only hearing of celebrities being hacked and not Jane from down the street. (Of course, if Jane did get hacked, I’m sure Apple wouldn’t want to risk losing their customer base by publicizing that.)

The iCloud has been up and running for nearly three years, and this is the first security breach we’ve seen so far. So the storage service’s track record has been good up until this point. But it is a large, high-visibility blip on the radar, brought into the spotlight by America’s Sweetheart.

Apple’s track record suggests that this is an embarrassing security anomaly, and hopefully a longer-term trend will bear that out.

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